Amanda Keffer

Amanda and her husband Scott are the owners of New River Gorge CrossFit. Amanda is a nurse who divides her time between taking care of Scott and their four children, managing Vitality Aesthethics and Wellness (the area's only medical spa), and coaching. She is not only Level 1 CrossFit certified, but she is also certified in Silver Sneakers. Amanda has seen significant results from her 3 years of CrossFit participation and is a firm believer that CrossFit can be adapted to suit anyone. 

Scott Keffer

 Dr. Keffer has been involved in CrossFit since 2014 when he made a firm decision about his health and life. "I was at a crossroads. Do I continue climbing the mountain of life or start my descent? Follow the advice given to thousands of patients regarding diet and exercise or ignore it, as most of them have? I chose the path of greater resistance." Now 50 pounds lighter, in better shape than he's been in since college, Scott is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor whose goal is to help his fellow Fayette-Countians an opportunity to take control of their health through exercise and lifestyle modification. He sees CrossFit as the perfect platform for fitness and weight loss and hopes to dispel myths about CrossFit being a cult or that "those people are crazy." He admits there are outliers and extremists in any community but he and Amanda run a safe, family-oriented CrossFit box with a clear code of conduct and a funny, energetic, and supportive group of members. Scott and Amanda invite you to join us anytime!

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