After much consideration, we have decided to change our pricing and simplify terms and family pricing. As of today, terms will be limited to 12 month contracts and month-to-month membership. Twelve month contract members will receive a reduced monthly fee to incentivise this option. Month-to-month members will still have monthly bank draws just like the twelve month members but will have the option to cancel membership prior to the next scheduled bank draw. This must be done in person at the gym. 

Beginning February 1, we will offer an introductory or on-ramp class. This class is to teach the foundations of CrossFit to new members and allow those new to CrossFit an opportunity to start out in a slower-paced environment with ample opportunity to ask questions and have close access to coaching. The four week program includes classes three times per week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) at 6:30 PM coached by George Tabit. 

 MEMBERSHIP PRICING (updated 1/9/2016) 

Single member 12 month contract $100 per month

No contract $125 per month


 Couple 12 month contract $175 per month

No contract $225 per month


Family  12 month contract $250 per month

(4 or fewer living No contract $275 per month

in the same home)


Full-time student $65 per month

High school or College


Teen only class $65 per month

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30


On-Ramp class $75

Four week membership. Class size limited to 12 members. 


Current members under contract may request an adjustment in monthly rate if the new pricing is more beneficial.






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